Would you travel to Vietnam for a Kidney Transplant?

Asia is a fast growing hub for medical tourism for patients living in the United States and Canada. If recent reports are to be believed, more and more patients from the west are travelling to countries like India, Singapore and Vietnam for many kinds of medical procedures. While cosmetic plastic surgery is the most in demand as far as medical tourism goes, even patients needing renal transplant are high up on the lists of those travelling abroad for medical purposes.


Motivation behind travelling to Asian countries for renal transplant

The main reason behind travelling abroad for getting a new kidney is owing to the long waiting lists for most organs in the western countries. In Asia, poor people are willing to sell a kidney for money and that makes this organ more readily available here as compared to most other parts of the world. Additionally, costs of the transplant procedures are also more daunting back home. Majority of patients in the west are willing to travel abroad for their lower costs in many surgical procedures. The tax funded healthcare system of majority of the western nations is another deterrent behind opting for medical procedures abroad.

Are the procedures comparable in the two places?

Naturally, the question foremost on everyone’s minds is whether one would get the same treatment as they would back home. If expert opinions are to be believed, the answer to these doubts are laid to rest in the fact that many surgeons practicing in Asian countries have completed their formal training and educated abroad in countries like USA, UK etc. As a result, more and more hospitals, Medispas and medical clinics catering specifically to the needs of western patients are springing up in these countries thanks to the fact that these doctors are returning back home. So facilities available here are at par, if not better, compared to those in most developed regions in the world at fraction of the cost. The salaries are another comparison one can make in this aspect. The dollar to local currency rate leaves a lot more behind than required for patients. Additionally, many doctors and surgeons who have studied in the UK or US in advanced medical fields still return to their homelands to practice for family or monetary reasons. They tend to earn rather well here and are also famous outside their country for their superior and equivalent knowledge and expertise. For example, to compare or learn more about a phlebotomist’s salary in the United States and the rest of the world click the link provided.

Travel tips for kidney patients travelling abroad for renal transplant

It is best to seek medical advice from your caregiver regarding travelling abroad to Vietnam for kidney transplant. If you have recently received dialysis, it should be okay to travel safely. If you need to travel in an emergency, you might want to call ahead and find out if the local medical centre has the following facilities:

  1. Do they provide new bloodlines and dialysis machines each time or are they reused?
  2. Is transport available for pickup/drop off to the centre and airport?
  3. Which medications do you need to take along from home?
  4. How many patients are assigned per nurse/doctor?

You must also call your medical insurance provider if they support dialysis/procedures done outside the country.

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