Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

pethairvacuumheaderOwning pets can be an exciting and enriching experience. Pets are usually a source of amusement and can prevent boredom. However, they also bring with along with them some negatives, and one such is that they make cleaning the house much more difficult; especially when they shed their hair on the floor.

Those who own pets will agree with me that vacuuming and sweeping the house more than twice a day becomes a daily chore. And though pet ownership can be fun, not having the adequate cleaning tools for removing dirt caused by pets makes the experience of owning them to become unpleasant with time.

Thus, selecting the best cleaning equipment is necessary if you are a pet lover. Effective vacuum cleaners that remove dirt caused by pets; such as shed hair; can greatly help in maximizing the time you spend with your pets; without having to constantly clean after them. The best vacuum cleaners for pet hair can be found in various shops dealing with cleaning equipment, as well as checking sites like Amazon and Jane’s Best Vacuums which are trusted sources for information on the subject. Not only do they sell great vacuums but they also sell amazing mops to at


Price determines what type of vacuum is the most effective for removing pet hair. Always make sure that you correlate the price of the vacuum to the features the cleaning tool has. For instance, no matter how expensive the price of a vacuum cleaner is, if it has low performance, durability and filtration levels, then it’s not the best value for money.


The weight of the vacuum cleaner that you are considering purchasing determines whether it is the best for removing pet hair. Heavy vacuums are difficult to maneuver around the house. This makes it almost impossible for them to reach places such as curtains, and under beds, among other locations. The best vacuums for pet hair are those are lightweight.

High suction power

Vacuums that have high suction power are the best for pet hair. This is because they are able to pull the hair from hard to reach places, like carpets and curtains, easily without having to go over the same place multiple times (unlike low suction vacuums).


The size of the vacuum also matters when selecting the best vacuum for pet hair. Some vacuums are effective in removing pet hair but are not ideal because they are difficult to store. This is especially the case when there is little storage space in the house.

Bag-less vs Non clogging bag Vacuums

You also need to consider whether to buy a bag-less or a non-clogging vacuum when looking for the best vacuum for pet hair. Bag-less vacuums are the best because you don’t have to worry about dirt clogging the bag, as well as having to purchase separate bags (you can’t avoid this wheen you have a non clogging bag vacuum).

Must have attachments

The best vacuums for pet hair have accessories that come together with the product. Attachments like interchangeable parts help to remove pet hair and dust from places such as cushions, sofas and curtains which are more difficult to reach with a vacuum cleaner (unless you want to lift it).

The above are some of the most effective tips that can help you choose the best vacuum for pet hair. You can also for a good reason browse sites like Amazon for customer reviews (these can be your guidance in choosing the best vacuum).

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