Dialysis Technician Training for Vietnamese Students

dialysis-technician-trainingAccording to the data from the Institute of International Education (IIE), Vietnam is among the top fastest growing sources of international students for the U.S. Since 2006/07, it has been on the top 20 leading senders of higher education students in the U.S. and remains on the top 10 since 2010/11. In fact, it was ranked eighth in the leading place of origin coming to the said country in the academic year 2012/13, next to Japan and ahead of Mexico.

With this data, it just shows that a majority of Vietnamese, both students and parents, regard U.S. education as the best in the world, despite the high cost of living and education expenses. Vietnamese continue to see education as a worthy investment, because as everyone already knows, having a good education background equates a brighter future.

If you are a high school Vietnamese student currently living in the United States or planning to live in the country, you may now be wondering what kind of course to pursue in college – the one that will give you better opportunities for advancement and tremendous benefits. If you love helping people and have an interest in the healthcare industry, then a dialysis technician course may be an ideal option for you.

Similar to many healthcare jobs, becoming a dialysis technician is very rewarding and exciting. Not only that you will be able to help those people who are in need of medical care, but you will also receive tremendous benefits for being one. A career in dialysis technician provides a chance for career growth. With continuous education and years of experience, you can get qualified to a much higher position, such as being a head technician, or advance into a more specialized career, such as nursing.

What is a Dialysis Technician and How to Become One?

People who suffer from renal failure generally receive dialysis in hospitals or other healthcare facilities to artificially replace the loss of function of their kidneys. Dialysis a vital medical procedure as it helps patients sustain their lives while waiting for a renal transplant to be performed, or sometimes to prolong their lives when transplant is inappropriate.

Dialysis technicians, also known as hemodialysis or nephrology technicians, play a huge role in helping patients with kidney failure improve their condition by performing this life-sustaining procedure – the dialysis. They are the ones who maintain and operate the equipment used for dialysis. Part of their job is to also prepare their patients prior to the procedure, give them local anesthesia, monitor their progress, and create reports for the physician. Without them, individuals with kidney disease will not survive.

Becoming a dialysis technician can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. Depending on the school and kind of program you choose, it will typically last from 12 to 18 months of training. That time is spent in taking classes to be a dialysis technician in classroom and clinical setting, which involve the proper operation of dialysis machine, way of administering local anesthesia, understanding of different medical terminology, and patient care.

There are several vocational schools and community colleges offering programs for aspiring dialysis technicians. Check the nearest school in your area or current state for more information. However, if you are still in Vietnam and worried that you might not make it to the country to attend the regular class, or whatever your reason is, fret not. With the advancement of technology, you can now enroll for classes online and become a dialysis technician even if you’re at the comfort of your home. Yes, you heard that right! All that it takes is to find a good online school that offers a dialysis technician training that best suits your needs and start your training.

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