Get Your Own Kayak When You Tour Vietnam

Vietnam is gorgeous and filled with lush greens and natural beauty.  One of the most popular activities in Vietnam is to sail through the long peaceful rivers and between the clusters of islands that is one of Vietnam’s most popular attractions.  If you are planning on visiting this gorgeous country or if you are perhaps already living there then you should definitely invest in your own kayak so you can make the most out of your travels or stay and cut back on the cost of sailing or kayaking between these gorgeous scenes.

Get Your Own Kayak When You Tour Vietnam

The perfect kayak for travellers

Not everyone has the needed amount of vehicle roof space to support a large kayak and dragging a kayak around everywhere you go can quickly become a hassle.  One of the best kayaks that you can invest in if you want to be completely mobile is an inflatable kayak. recommends the Sea Eagle 330 as one of the best kayaks for travellers.  This gorgeous one man kayak has a great look and is specially designed to keep you afloat even if you do get a puncture thanks to the 7 tube I Beam floor that will keep you dry even if you run into an emergency.  The kayak weighs only 26 pounds and is compact enough to fit into the tiniest of rental cars.  You can assemble the kayak easily thanks to the seat foot pump that allows you to inflate this little boat even if you have no electricity to start up a compressor.

Get the perfect paddle

You also need the perfect paddle to accompany your compact kayak.  Some of the modern paddles that are currently on the market are constructible so you can easily fit them into a small vehicle or backpack and assemble them once it is time to head out to the waters.

Life jacket

If the water is deep then you definitely need a good quality life jacket that fits you comfortably but firm and provide the needed support for your weight.  There is a huge range of great life jackets on the market at an affordable rate which means you have no excuse when it comes to kayak safety.

Get a backpack

A good backpack should be small enough to fit onto your kayak, yet big enough to contain a few supplies and necessities that will vary for each journey you plan on taking.

Learn about the weather

If you are going to be kayaking on the sea between islands then you should learn how to watch out for storms and you should find out more about the tides of Vietnam so you don’t end up stranding yourself or putting yourself in a dangerous situation when it suddenly gets windy or starts to rain. If you are new to kayaking then start off slow or stick to safe rivers and lakes.

Kayaking is safe and great fun.  It is the best way to explore some of the great scenes of Vietnam and you can use your kayak at any time to spice up any boring holiday or fishing trip.

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