Vacationing In A Bishan Sky Home

Looking for a home away from home when visiting Vietnam? Live comfortably in the sky with a condo in Bishan, one of the largest cities in Vietnam. A person who is afraid of heights will overcome their fear once they experience the elegance of their vacation rental.


Why Live In The Sky

Unlike living on the ground, like other individuals, a person that lives in the sky has the opportunity to look down on others. Not in a bad way, but they get the see the world they live in with a different perception. Living high in the sky allows a family to not be interrupted without approval from other family members. There are several choices to choose from when vacationing in Vietnam, but why not choose the safest and most luxurious?

Bring Your Pet Along For The Vacation

When people take a vacation, most times they have to leave their pet with a friendly neighbor or a pet sitter. There is no reason to leave the pet when the the furry friend can reside in a the families’ second home. When a person buys or rents a condo in Bishan they have the privilege to do what they please, and bringing a family pet to their second home is a must. Once the lease is signed any property damages are the responsibility of the lessor, and most times they have trained pets, which means no worries.

Cost Of Living High

Condos in Bishan are not as expensive as one might think, as a matter of fact the price might be less than the home a person lives in every day. The amount of bedrooms a person requests will affect the amount they have to pay for the purchase of their sky habitat. Sky condos in Bishan have 1-3 bedrooms and there are large amounts of space for a family, including their pets click here. The home an individual rents or decides to purchase in Bishan will make them want to leave the current home where they reside because of the endless amount of space.

Don’t Forget About The Outside View

A home without a breathtaking outside view, is not a home at all. People who live high in the sky are granted the privilege to look below, and really see what is happening in the world. Those who purchase the sky habitat, but are afraid of height, begin to experience the life of a person who has no fears, but sees the world in a new perspective.

Explore The Land While Visiting

Falling in love with the vacation home that has been purchased is bound to happen, but the family does not need to stay in the sky every day. The vacationing family should explore the country they have named their vacation home. There are beaches to visit, restaurants waiting for people to try their exquisite cuisine, and clubs for students to party all night long. Staying inside only hinders a person from experiencing life in a new way and in a new country. Living in Bishan has more advantages than a person believes, but the only way to experience the advantages is to find a sky habitat today.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

pethairvacuumheaderOwning pets can be an exciting and enriching experience. Pets are usually a source of amusement and can prevent boredom. However, they also bring with along with them some negatives, and one such is that they make cleaning the house much more difficult; especially when they shed their hair on the floor.

Those who own pets will agree with me that vacuuming and sweeping the house more than twice a day becomes a daily chore. And though pet ownership can be fun, not having the adequate cleaning tools for removing dirt caused by pets makes the experience of owning them to become unpleasant with time.

Thus, selecting the best cleaning equipment is necessary if you are a pet lover. Effective vacuum cleaners that remove dirt caused by pets; such as shed hair; can greatly help in maximizing the time you spend with your pets; without having to constantly clean after them. The best vacuum cleaners for pet hair can be found in various shops dealing with cleaning equipment, as well as checking sites like Amazon and Jane’s Best Vacuums which are trusted sources for information on the subject. Not only do they sell great vacuums but they also sell amazing mops to at


Price determines what type of vacuum is the most effective for removing pet hair. Always make sure that you correlate the price of the vacuum to the features the cleaning tool has. For instance, no matter how expensive the price of a vacuum cleaner is, if it has low performance, durability and filtration levels, then it’s not the best value for money.


The weight of the vacuum cleaner that you are considering purchasing determines whether it is the best for removing pet hair. Heavy vacuums are difficult to maneuver around the house. This makes it almost impossible for them to reach places such as curtains, and under beds, among other locations. The best vacuums for pet hair are those are lightweight.

High suction power

Vacuums that have high suction power are the best for pet hair. This is because they are able to pull the hair from hard to reach places, like carpets and curtains, easily without having to go over the same place multiple times (unlike low suction vacuums).


The size of the vacuum also matters when selecting the best vacuum for pet hair. Some vacuums are effective in removing pet hair but are not ideal because they are difficult to store. This is especially the case when there is little storage space in the house.

Bag-less vs Non clogging bag Vacuums

You also need to consider whether to buy a bag-less or a non-clogging vacuum when looking for the best vacuum for pet hair. Bag-less vacuums are the best because you don’t have to worry about dirt clogging the bag, as well as having to purchase separate bags (you can’t avoid this wheen you have a non clogging bag vacuum).

Must have attachments

The best vacuums for pet hair have accessories that come together with the product. Attachments like interchangeable parts help to remove pet hair and dust from places such as cushions, sofas and curtains which are more difficult to reach with a vacuum cleaner (unless you want to lift it).

The above are some of the most effective tips that can help you choose the best vacuum for pet hair. You can also for a good reason browse sites like Amazon for customer reviews (these can be your guidance in choosing the best vacuum).

Tips for Opening a Bed and Breakfast in Vietnam


If you are looking to start a business in another country but don’t know what to get into, try looking into opening a bed and breakfast in Vietnam. This might sound a little bit out of this world, especially if you don’t live in the country, but it can be a very wise investment. The cost of living in Vietnam is not as expensive as it is in other countries and the tourism industry in Vietnam is on the rise. If you are interested in operating a bed and breakfast in this country, here are a few tips to help your business become a blazing success.

Make Sure to Keep Everything Very Clean

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” as the old adage goes, and the same can be said for bed and breakfasts. You need to make sure that everything stays very clean. All rooms, especially bathrooms, should be cleaned at least twice per day, though only clean guest bedrooms and bathrooms when they are not being used.

According to the Durban Carpet Cleaners, not vacuuming a room at least once per day in a professional business, increases the chance of spreading disease. This, along with a dirty looking room, can lead to a decrease in business.

Create Meals from Local Favorites as Well As American and European Staples

There will be some visitors that won’t be able to handle some local Vietnamese foods. That is why you should provide options for those that want to eat something from where they are from. Steaks, hamburgers, soups, salads, and other traditional dishes are great choices. Doing this will help your guests feel more at home.

Don’t go Overboard with Vietnamese Décor

When you are operating your Vietnamese bed and breakfast, you are going to want some Vietnamese decorations and furniture to give the establishment a local feel. However, you don’t want to go overboard. Don’t fill your bed and breakfast with cheap looking trinkets, curtains, and the like that look like they were purchased at a tourist shop.

Place some modest pieces of furniture, curtains, linens, and other things from the local area in the house. Don’t be afraid to splash other things from other corners of the world. Having a few pieces of furniture from other areas won’t take away from the Vietnamese atmosphere.

Be Capable of Helping Guests in Their Sightseeing

When you operate a bed and breakfast, it is your goal not only to make the guest feel at home, but to also make them feel welcomed to an area. Many people that stay in a foreign country want to do some sightseeing. Do some research on popular tourist destinations so you can help direct sightseers where they want to go. You can also keep some pamphlets on hand to aid in a visitor’s quest to see their favorite parts of the country.

A Vietnamese can be a great investment for an entrepreneur who loves to keep a house, help people, wants to open a business in a foreign country, or have a “retirement business.” You will find great reward comes from operating a successful bed and breakfast, both financially and emotionally.

Vietnamese Diet: Lose Weight the Asian Healthy Way

According to the new study, which was published in the journal The Lancet, the number of obese and overweight people globally is continuously increasing, with the U.S. being in the top spot. The rise in obesity among adults and children is very troubling, as we know that obesity can lead to certain diseases, such as heart disease, and even death. But despite this awareness, many people, especially in the country, are continuously gaining weight. In fact, more than a third of the U.S. population is now obese.

Obesity is a health issue that affects millions of people, not only in America, but all over the world. But if you will notice, only a few Asian men and women are fat. In fact, most Asian people don’t get fat, why? In this post, we will share you the secrets on how to lose weight and feel good about yourself without having to undergo extreme diet, which can be dangerous, according to the

American Diet vs. Asian Diet

The typical American diet consists of unhealthy amounts of salt, sugar, and fats, such as processed and fast foods. In contrast, the typical Asian diet consists of healthy ingredients, which are most based on plants, such as vegetables, fruits, and rice. And unlike the American diet, meat is rarely the main dish of any Asian meal. Fish is usually what is eaten in many courses. But among all the Asian cooking, the Vietnamese diet is considered one of the best.

Vietnamese Diet

Vietnamese people rely heavily on rice, herbs, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. And although some of their dishes were influenced by other countries, such as China and Europe, they still prefer preparing their traditional staples, which consists more raw vegetables and herbs.

In many parts of Asia, flavorful herbs and spices are used to enhance the taste of their food; but in Vietnam, they use these ingredients not just to improve the flavor, but as part of the meal itself. The typical Vietnam dinner always contains a bowl of salad that includes many organic ingredients, such as jicama, cabbage, green papaya, spring onion, and big chunks of fresh herbs. And of course like any other Asian culture, rice or a noodle bowl is always present on the dinner table.

Furthermore, the Vietnamese diet includes plenty of seafood dishes. Some of the most common are stewed fish, braised basa fish, caramelized tilapia, steamed chopped fish, and fried salmon. And unlike in the U.S., meat is used more as a condiment in Vietnam rather than a main course. The preparation is so simple – you cut the meat into small or thin slices and then soak them into a marinade that contains the healthy ingredients you want, such as lime leaves or lemongrass.

The traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired by many people all over the world because of its abundance in natural and fresh ingredients, such as herbs and vegetables. In fact, Vietnamese cuisine is regarded as one of the healthiest foods worldwide, because of its lower cholesterol and fat content. This is the reason why majority of people in this country are healthy and looking better.

There’s no quick fix to losing weight. It requires a lot of effort and patience. However, if you are taking weight loss pills, it’s best if you still visit your doctor often. We believe that there’s nothing wrong in taking diet supplements, as long as they are approved by the FDA and prescribed by your physician. But as many experts recommend, people who are prescribed with weight loss pills should follow a healthy diet and proper workout to get the best result. So if you want to lose weight and feel good like the Asian people, include their diet into your health plan.

How to Invest in Property in Vietnam

property-investmentMany people get confused when it comes to finding out where to invest and how to invest. You tend to run to a real estate agent to ask for advice on how to invest in real estate properties and they will take a cut from your profit (but not your loss). This article will give a quick guideline on what to invest in and what not to, something like a property development training & education course!


As a newbie in the property investment business, it is important to realize that you need to start with the smallest possible investment. There are many types of property investments:

  • Land investment
  • Apartments
  • Mansions
  • Factories

What’s more is that the value depends on the area you choose to invest in. You need to select a location which is underdeveloped and looks like it will be developed in the near future. Be one of the first few people to invest in this kind of area (be it land or apartment) and you then play the waiting game. I would not recommend going all out and investing in what just would be a bad investment in a mansion or a factory in an already well-developed area. Apart from the mountain of capital investment you will be required to make, the return on such investments is absolutely minimal compared to how much you spend initially.


Do not make that mistake as a first time investor. Avoid falling into traps of building up a new apartment block or mansion to sell off as a first time investor. It can be tempting to just fall into this trap, but it is a trap in reality. You will invest so much into it that your focus will move away from your primary business. That is not a good thing at all. It’s like your secondary income has now become your primary objective. You need to avoid falling into such things and focus on the bigger picture. Once you make enough money from these initial investments, then you can venture into a project of your own. And this means around 5-7 years down the line. Yes, that is how long it takes for a real estate investment to have a suitable Return on Investment!


Yes it does. All you are doing is buying the land/apartment and waiting for it to gain value. It is simply like a Fixed Deposit account sitting in a bank, except that this time the returns are higher than just the small percentage you get back from the bank. Do not give up on the investment because you have to wait for it to ‘mature’ before selling it off. If you break it before it matures, you may not get as much as you were hoping for. Stay patient, stay calm and keep the bigger picture in mind. Don’t forget that this is your secondary income, so playing the waiting game should not be a hard thing to do!

Why Vietnam is a Great Place for College Students to Visit


Travelling to a foreign land can be great for college students because it exposes them to sights and culture that they would miss out on if they stayed cooped on their college campus. However, when students think about travelling abroad, there are many options available.

One destination that one might not think about is Vietnam. Vietnam is not the most popular tourist destination for college students. Though it can provide many experiences and exposure to different things that can aid in a college student’s academic career, many seem to pass this coastal country by. Here are a few benefits college students can receive from a trip to this country.

Exposure to Advanced Science and Medicine

Vietnam, along with some of the other Eastern Asian countries, excel in the fields of science and medicine. For example, if you were a Radiation Therapy (visit for more information on this subject) students can learn some very interesting facets of this profession from Vietnamese hospitals and medical students.

Physics and computer programming majors can learn very advanced theoretical and practical methods of their areas of study from the many students and universities in Vietnam.

These are just a few examples of the bits of advanced science and medicine knowledge college students could be exposed to.

Learn How to Look at Things Differently

Vietnam is a very different place from many countries. It has a unique culture, form of government, and the people have a unique way of looking at things. A trip to this country could help a college studentlook at things from a different angle and get away from a secular way of thinking.

Learning to do this is a great advantage for many college students. Learning to look at things from different angles allows a college student to think in creative ways to solve complex problems.

Learn How to Deal With Various Sorts of Problems

Being a college student is probably one of the most stressful things a person can put themselves through. You have to take in so much information, and there are so many things coming at you at once, that it is hard not to go crazy with all that work.

In Vietnam, the citizens of the country have many different problems to deal with. They use various techniques to help deal with the troubles they face, techniques that will help a college student learn to prioritize and divide their time up among the various tasks that they have to do.

Learning to deal with these problems will also help teach a college student how to be calmer, which helps a student focus on any problems at hand.

There are many great reasons for a college student to visit Vietnam. The country has a rich history and culture that almost anyone would be fascinated by. The classic Vietnamese architecture is touted as being some of the most beautiful in the world. If you enjoy beaches, Vietnam has some of the best. There are many more reasons to visit Vietnam, so many that they could fill volumes. There are great articles you can read about the reasons you should visit Vietnam. Do your own research, and see why this country is a great place to visit.

Powerful Career


There are millions of professionals around the globe and a great wave of them comes from the healthcare industry. Everyone find ways on how they could finally jump and settle to their field of expertise. There are complex processes involved in this specific journey of career. Dental Hygienists have also undergone tedious considerations just like all other professions. Long and spontaneous ideasare needed in order not to miss any relevant details for holding a license in this area of study. Aside from the specific and scientific approaches required in becoming a dental hygiene professional, lots of demands are anticipated to be accomplished in this compound profession. Hence, everyone who wishes to affirm themselves in this type of specialization should be prepared in all aspects, even with other activities that are unplanned like a short vacation that may test your ability to manage your time properly.

Becoming a Certified Dental Hygienist

The road to being cited as an overall dental professional is long, yet very rewarding. The lingering wait and painstaking routines in fulfilling the ultimate goal to success is all worth it at the end. When you look back, those sleepless nights, nerve racking activities, awkward exercises, difficult experiments, expensive requirements and endless quizzes turned out into sweet consolation and priceless achievement. What else can you wish for, when you finally hold the proof of your sacrifice? However, becoming a dental hygiene professional is only the end of the new beginning.

Again, you have a long way to go and bunch of new ideas and knowledge will be added to your piles of expertise. Sooner you’ll bloom into more enlightened practitioner, well-equipped with the advances of modern science and technology. You’ll be amazed how well you have chosen the field that you want to become at the very start. Furthermore, in reality or in practical application of your profession, you’ll be surprised how variation quite differs when it comes to the urgency of the needs of your patients compare to the situation inside the classroom. Hence, with all the complete trainings and theories you’ve undergone, you’ll surely meet the demands of the society.

Beyond your Expectations

Some may be surprised when first hearing the term, Dental Hygienist. Others may have not heard about this profession at all. However, in the first world countries like the US, this healthcare job is among the significantly considered careers of students. In fact, according to statistics, dental hygiene profession is expected to boost in number, nearest to 40 percent in the next 10 years. The vital contribution of this specific job preference is already well-recognized in this flashy generation. Likewise, it can do a lot of perfection in one’s life. Aside from the refinement of the aesthetic side of your oral wellness, Dental Hygienist can completely work and even cure all other undesirable dental diseases and problems that you want to put to an end. This is just one of the many ways to figure out the vast range of one of the unique, yet very interesting career today.

Dialysis Technician Training for Vietnamese Students

dialysis-technician-trainingAccording to the data from the Institute of International Education (IIE), Vietnam is among the top fastest growing sources of international students for the U.S. Since 2006/07, it has been on the top 20 leading senders of higher education students in the U.S. and remains on the top 10 since 2010/11. In fact, it was ranked eighth in the leading place of origin coming to the said country in the academic year 2012/13, next to Japan and ahead of Mexico.

With this data, it just shows that a majority of Vietnamese, both students and parents, regard U.S. education as the best in the world, despite the high cost of living and education expenses. Vietnamese continue to see education as a worthy investment, because as everyone already knows, having a good education background equates a brighter future.

If you are a high school Vietnamese student currently living in the United States or planning to live in the country, you may now be wondering what kind of course to pursue in college – the one that will give you better opportunities for advancement and tremendous benefits. If you love helping people and have an interest in the healthcare industry, then a dialysis technician course may be an ideal option for you.

Similar to many healthcare jobs, becoming a dialysis technician is very rewarding and exciting. Not only that you will be able to help those people who are in need of medical care, but you will also receive tremendous benefits for being one. A career in dialysis technician provides a chance for career growth. With continuous education and years of experience, you can get qualified to a much higher position, such as being a head technician, or advance into a more specialized career, such as nursing.

What is a Dialysis Technician and How to Become One?

People who suffer from renal failure generally receive dialysis in hospitals or other healthcare facilities to artificially replace the loss of function of their kidneys. Dialysis a vital medical procedure as it helps patients sustain their lives while waiting for a renal transplant to be performed, or sometimes to prolong their lives when transplant is inappropriate.

Dialysis technicians, also known as hemodialysis or nephrology technicians, play a huge role in helping patients with kidney failure improve their condition by performing this life-sustaining procedure – the dialysis. They are the ones who maintain and operate the equipment used for dialysis. Part of their job is to also prepare their patients prior to the procedure, give them local anesthesia, monitor their progress, and create reports for the physician. Without them, individuals with kidney disease will not survive.

Becoming a dialysis technician can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. Depending on the school and kind of program you choose, it will typically last from 12 to 18 months of training. That time is spent in taking classes to be a dialysis technician in classroom and clinical setting, which involve the proper operation of dialysis machine, way of administering local anesthesia, understanding of different medical terminology, and patient care.

There are several vocational schools and community colleges offering programs for aspiring dialysis technicians. Check the nearest school in your area or current state for more information. However, if you are still in Vietnam and worried that you might not make it to the country to attend the regular class, or whatever your reason is, fret not. With the advancement of technology, you can now enroll for classes online and become a dialysis technician even if you’re at the comfort of your home. Yes, you heard that right! All that it takes is to find a good online school that offers a dialysis technician training that best suits your needs and start your training.

Vietnam Travel Tip – How to have your room not smell like smoke!

We all know how complicated it might be to actually find a good room when you travel. It does not matter where you go or even when you go, sometimes it is simply impossible to find a room that is completely rid of smoke smell. Of course some hotels and resorts offer non-smoking rooms, however even these rooms might smell like smoke, after all we also need to take into consideration the pollution and other smoke that might come from the outside. There is nothing worse than to travel and have to face a stinky room that will make your perfect trip turn into a complete nightmare.

There is always a solution though!

Sometimes requesting a non-smoking room will not suffice. If you are travelling in your country or abroad it is always a great idea to pay very good attention to the air you breathe. When confined in a room it is possible for people to get several different breathing allergies thanks to smoke smell, mold smell and other smells that are common in hotels and resorts, after all they do not open up when people are not there and just cleaning once in a while will not do the whole job the way it should be done.visit the original source for more details.

It is very important for you to carry something that will be able to turn wherever you sleep in a comfortable and healthy place. There are different options, and we are not talking about archaic methods such as putting coal in the wardrobe or even in the corners of a room, we are talking about high quality technology, we are talking about the Air Ionizers!

What are Air Ionizers and what are they used for?

Air Ionizers are one of the newest trends in the market and are perfect for you to carry when you travel. Do not worry, you will not have to carry a heavy and bulky item that will only make your trip a living nightmare, you will have the opportunity to carry a compact and very useful item that will indeed clean the air for you. The Air Ionizers are compact equipment that are able to purify the air. When the “dirty” goes inside of this small machine it will add ions and then cause a reaction that will take the smoke and bad smells from the air. Sometimes, the area might still not smell as its best, however the air that you will be breathing together with your family will be much cleaner and much healthier for you.

Hanoi Vietnam

It is sometimes hard to find the perfect air ionizer for you and that is why the was created, to help people just like you and me to find the perfect product. You will never have to waste time looking for the best air ionizer for you, this site will help you find the best option that fits your needs and meets your budget, even if it is a tight one. Do not waste time, simply find the best in no time!

Vietnam as a Scuba Diving Destination?

Although most people do not know Vietnam is indeed a wonderful place to shop, have fun and also practice sports such as the so called scuba diving. With beautiful waters and very friendly population, the country is currently receiving new tourists and possible immigrants with arms wide open. If you are looking for a very exotic place with nice people, delicious food and a very rich culture then this is going to be the perfect country for you to spend some time at.

The greatest areas!

Vietnam is a beautiful country who happens to be washed by the ocean. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who would like to see the great Asian culture and also have good ties with the nature and the great people who live there. Vietnam has several different scuba diving professionals who are more than ready to help tourists to make their trip memorable. With great locations to scuba dive such as Hoi, Nha Tang, Whale Island and others, tourists and even the locals are able to have tons of fun. In fact, it is possible to read very useful information on the following link, which happens to show useful information for those who would like to see the best locations to dive and know other relevant details on the topic. You can also read more about scuba equipment at

Do anything and everything at Vietnam!

Vietnam is close to several different Asian countries that are also worth visiting. It is possible to get easy access to China, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and others. Of course Vietnam itself is already a perfect place for you to spend lovely weeks of vacation. You will be able to practice scuba diving in the crystal clear waters that hide the most beautiful beauties that the oceans could have. You will get impressed with the overall beauties, prices and quality. It is important to remember that Vietnam is very nice and truly receives thousands of tourists every single year. They have other places for tourists to visit, such as amazing gardens and parks. It is indeed a wonderful country for those who would like to enjoy how amazing and close nature can be.

Vietnam tour

The Pricing, comfort and safety.

As stated before Vietnam is a touristic place that receives thousands of tourists every single year. It is more than possible to state that the country is not expensive. The attractions are pretty accessible, just like hotels, resorts and other interesting areas. Tourists will count with the full support of English and sometimes Spanish speaking residents who are more than willing to help. It is possible to find good and comfortable hotels for less than $50 dollars per day. It is also important to remember that Vietnam is safe and will be a great place for families with children and teens. Once you visit this country you will see why millions of people simply feel enchanted. Get ready for your next adventure in one of the most famous countries for scuba diving!