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Relaxation at its Best for Vietnam Visitors!

Have you ever found yourself dozing off while sitting inside one of those big comfy massage chairs in your favorite furniture store? Perhaps daydreaming about that trip to Vietnam? Do you often journey to appliance stores and warehouses just to catch a nap? If so, this article was designed for you. I am here to …

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Why Vietnam is a Great Place for College Students to Visit

Travelling to a foreign land can be great for college students because it exposes them to sights and culture that they would miss out on if they stayed cooped on their college campus. However, when students think about travelling abroad, there are many options available. One destination that one might not think about is Vietnam. …

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Dialysis Technician Training for Vietnamese Students

According to the data from the Institute of International Education (IIE), Vietnam is among the top fastest growing sources of international students for the U.S. Since 2006/07, it has been on the top 20 leading senders of higher education students in the U.S. and remains on the top 10 since 2010/11. In fact, it was …

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