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Vietnam Travel Tip – How to have your room not smell like smoke!

We all know how complicated it might be to actually find a good room when you travel. It does not matter where you go or even when you go, sometimes it is simply impossible to find a room that is completely rid of smoke smell. Of course some hotels and resorts offer non-smoking rooms, however …

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Vietnam as a Scuba Diving Destination?

Although most people do not know Vietnam is indeed a wonderful place to shop, have fun and also practice sports such as the so called scuba diving. With beautiful waters and very friendly population, the country is currently receiving new tourists and possible immigrants with arms wide open. If you are looking for a very …

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Are there scholarships for Vietnamese students attending school in the US?

The USA is indeed one of the most famous countries for those who are looking for high quality education. Even though the costs are terrible, the USA is still one of the best countries to get some education background that is worth millions. If students get a chance to study in the country they are …

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