Tips for Opening a Bed and Breakfast in Vietnam


If you are looking to start a business in another country but don’t know what to get into, try looking into opening a bed and breakfast in Vietnam. This might sound a little bit out of this world, especially if you don’t live in the country, but it can be a very wise investment. The cost of living in Vietnam is not as expensive as it is in other countries and the tourism industry in Vietnam is on the rise. If you are interested in operating a bed and breakfast in this country, here are a few tips to help your business become a blazing success.

Make Sure to Keep Everything Very Clean

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” as the old adage goes, and the same can be said for bed and breakfasts. You need to make sure that everything stays very clean. All rooms, especially bathrooms, should be cleaned at least twice per day, though only clean guest bedrooms and bathrooms when they are not being used.

According to the Durban Carpet Cleaners, not vacuuming a room at least once per day in a professional business, increases the chance of spreading disease. This, along with a dirty looking room, can lead to a decrease in business.

Create Meals from Local Favorites as Well As American and European Staples

There will be some visitors that won’t be able to handle some local Vietnamese foods. That is why you should provide options for those that want to eat something from where they are from. Steaks, hamburgers, soups, salads, and other traditional dishes are great choices. Doing this will help your guests feel more at home.

Don’t go Overboard with Vietnamese Décor

When you are operating your Vietnamese bed and breakfast, you are going to want some Vietnamese decorations and furniture to give the establishment a local feel. However, you don’t want to go overboard. Don’t fill your bed and breakfast with cheap looking trinkets, curtains, and the like that look like they were purchased at a tourist shop.

Place some modest pieces of furniture, curtains, linens, and other things from the local area in the house. Don’t be afraid to splash other things from other corners of the world. Having a few pieces of furniture from other areas won’t take away from the Vietnamese atmosphere.

Be Capable of Helping Guests in Their Sightseeing

When you operate a bed and breakfast, it is your goal not only to make the guest feel at home, but to also make them feel welcomed to an area. Many people that stay in a foreign country want to do some sightseeing. Do some research on popular tourist destinations so you can help direct sightseers where they want to go. You can also keep some pamphlets on hand to aid in a visitor’s quest to see their favorite parts of the country.

A Vietnamese can be a great investment for an entrepreneur who loves to keep a house, help people, wants to open a business in a foreign country, or have a “retirement business.” You will find great reward comes from operating a successful bed and breakfast, both financially and emotionally.

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