Travelling With a Handgun

I love vacation – and I believe, we all do. We work very hard for long months so we can go fishing, camping, hiking, swimming, or take ourselves and loved ones to places that we’ve never been before. Unfortunately, there’s no place on Earth that we can guarantee a hundred percent safe from dangers and criminal activities. Although we go on a vacation to relax and have fun, we still need to consider safety in mind.

Some people carry guns while on travel. They carry them for “just in case” times. But flying with a gun is little bit hassle because there is a rule stating that “unless you are on official police business, you can’t carry a firearm on board. But fret not. You can still transport your handgun to your destination and have a safe and enjoyable vacation as long as you follow the TSA regulations. According to the latest TSA rules, travelers may transport legal firearms, ammunition, and firearm parts in checked luggage. No firearms and any parts of it, including magazines, barrels, receivers, trigger guards, handgun holster, and bullets may be taken in carry-on luggage. To avoid losing your gun parts, make sure that you carefully pack them in a secure case.

traveling with handgun

In addition, you may only transport your handgun if you follow these requirements:

  • You must declare all your firearms, ammunitions, and weapons to the officer in charge during the ticket counter check-in progress.
  • The firearm must be unloaded, which means that that there is no live round of ammunition or anything similar inserted in it.
  • You must pack the firearm in a hard-sided container that is securely locked so it won’t be accessed by anyone during the flight. If the container can be easily pulled open, you will not be allowed to bring the firearm inside the aircraft.
  • Firearm magazines and clips, whether loaded or empty, must also be securely packed in a hard-sided container together with the unloaded gun.
  • You must provide the key or the combination of the lock to the TSA representative or aircraft screener to inspect the container. And you must remain present during the screening process to take the key back after the package is cleared for transportation.

These TSA rules are strictly enforced, so follow them well. If you plan on bringing hunting tools, such as knives, bows, and arrows, you must also have them checked and packed in a secure case. But of course, just like guns, these items are prohibited as carry-on. They may only be transported as checked baggage. For a complete list of TSA security guidelines on transporting firearms as well as for updates, visit their website at And remember, every country and state has their own set of rules when it comes to carrying firearms. So in addition to the rules set by the TSA, you would also want to familiarize yourself with the rules of each place you intend to visit so you can have a truly safe and wonderful vacation.

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