Top Tips For Making Your Vietnam Travel Tour Unforgettable

vietnamVietnam is an exotic country that attracts thousands of tourists each year. It offers multiple sites to explore, along with unique culture and friendly local people that can make your travel tour really pleasurable. But we will offer you here top tips to make your Vietnam travel tour an unforgettable experience whether you plan to travel alone or with your family.

Choosing a reliable tour company

One of the first and most important requirements to spend a great time in Vietnam is to find a reliable tour company that can offer you custom tours to the local interesting places. It is not that difficult to find busses to the most popular sites, but if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, you should try small tours that can lead you to your place of interest.

Considering staying at a local home

To make your stay in Vietnam more adventurous and to be able to feel the local culture, it is better for you to choose a home stay to hotel accommodation. This will not only help you learn more about the local language, traditions, people and attractions, but will allow you to help the family to earn some money and to meet their needs. Note that the average monthly income in this country is less than $300.

Planning in advance the best places to visit

  • Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site that will require at least 2 days exploring it. Take advantage of the cruises offered to see as much as possible from this unforgettable place.
  • Visitors, who love history, will be fascinated by the special city of Hue, located in the central part of the country. The city offers a lot of places that tell much about its ancient history and various cultural events. One of the must-see sites here is the Hue Citadel, along with the monastery that offers great local meals for lunch.
  • One of the largest and the most popular cities in the Northern Vietnam is Hanoi, which also contains wonderful attractions that will contribute to your unique tour. Along with Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural and several dozens of other tourist sites, there is a great choice of restaurants that offer people to sample the local cuisine that is so different from the western one.
  • The Southern Vietnam also offers tourists its wonders, located in Saigon, also called Ho Chi Minh City. Although the atmosphere of this city is closer to the western world, it still can provide unique experience with hundreds of attractions that can be found here. These are Jade Emperor Pagoda, War Remnants Museum, Cu Chi Tunnels, Cao Dai Temple, Reunification Palace, to name just a few.
  • The lovers of the beach holidays will definitely like to visit the beach city of Hoi An, located in Central Vietnam. Here they will find some of the best world resorts with the most luxury hotels that can provide a life-time experience. This is the best place to relax after your trip around the country and enjoy the sun, beach, water, and local attractions.

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